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Servoprime T oils have been specially formulated to satisfy the demanding requirements of modern high-output steam turbines including their gear units. Servoprime T oils show exceptionally good oxidation stability, excellent demulsibility and prevent foaming tendency. These also possess good air release property. These properties are retained during prolonged service life and helps in giving outstanding performance and trouble free service. Servoprime 32 A provides extra antiwear and oxidation protection. This increases life of the load gears and prevents deposits induced troubles in critical turbine systems.



Servoprime T oils are recommended for use in the lubrication system of steam, gas and water turbines operating under all service conditions. In addition, Servoprime T oils provide outstanding performance in hydraulic systems, circulation systems, enclosed bearings and other industrial machines in which long trouble free service of lubricant is required. Servoprime 32 A has been specially developed for GEC Alsthom Turbines.



# Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability that ensure long trouble free service life.

# Provide excellent antiwear protection.

# Give excellent long term protection against rust and corrosion.

# Prevent foaming tendency. # Release entrained air quickly.

# Readily separates out water.



Servoprime T oils exceed the following specifications :

# Brown Boveri HTGD 90117

# GEK 28143A

# SIEMENS (TLU 901304)


Servoprime 32 A is approved by the leading Gas Turbine manufacturers:

* GEC Alsthom, France



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