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SERVOCYL M 680 – IOC, Indian Oil


Servocyl M oils are highly refined steam cylinder lubricants having excellent thermal and chemical stability. These oils provide good resistance to the washing effect of moisture and separate easily from exhaust steam and condensate. Servocyl M oils are non-additive treated mineral oils, blended from high quality, specially refined, high viscosity index base stocks.



Servocyl M oils are recommended for cylinder lubrication of steam engines handling superheated steam. These oils are specially suitable for services demanding straight mineral oil where –in ready separation of condensate from lubricant is necessary so that the condensate can be further used in certain process work. These oils are not recommended for wet steam conditions.



Servocyl M oils

  • Enable higher loading of equipment, since they have high-load carrying ability
  • Minimise wear of cylinder wall and poston rings
  • Protect engine parts against rusting and corrosion
  • Reduce steam consumption, due to excellent sealing characteristics and low frictional losses
  • Minimise tendency of deposit formation at elevated temperatures



Servocyl M 1000 meets the following specification :

  • IS : 1589-1960 with amendment No. 1 of 1966 for Cylinder Oil Grade 2, Type 1 with minor deviation in flash point requirement.



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