Mobil Glygoyle Series


Mobil Glygoyle SeriesMobil Glygoyle Series

Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) Gear, Bearing and Compressor lubricant

Product Description

Mobil Glygoyle Series lubricants are high performance gear, bearing and compressor oils designed to
provide outstanding benefits in terms of efficiency, long oil life, and equipment protection. These fully
synthetic, Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) lubricants were developed for use under operating conditions
beyond the capabilities of other synthetic lubricants and mineral oils. Their low pour points provide
excellent low-temperature fluidity. The ISO 150 to 1000 grades are approved for USDA/NSF H-1
foodgrade use. The unique formulation is designed to provide:

  •  Exceptional EP/antiwear protection for critical equipment components
  •  A high level of micropitting protection for sensitive gear systems
  •  Protection against rust and corrosion in-service
  •  Resistance against foam buildup
  •  Excellent lubricity inherent to this fully synthetic lubricant
  •  Low traction coefficient resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced bulk oil/system
  •  Very good thermal and oxidative stability to reduce sludge formation and deposits

Features and Benefits

The Mobil Glygoyle Series of fully synthetic oils is specifically designed to outperform mineral and PAO
synthetic lubricants in gear and hydrocarbon gas compression applications. In worm gears, the unique
properties of these oils allows for more torque to be put through the reducer, while in many cases
lowering the operating oil sump temperature. Reduced temperatures can result in longer seal, oil and
gearbox life. In gas compressors, the limited solubility of hydrocarbons in the Mobil Glygoyle Series
allows for reduced lubricant dilution and enhanced equipment protection.
Features compared to other mineral, synthetic, and PAG lubricants:
General: There are various types of PAG base oils. The inherent properties of these oils can differ
depending on the raw materials and processes used in their manufacture. Some of the features that can
differ among various PAG oils include their traction coefficient (energy efficiency), thermal conductivity,
solubility with hydrocarbon oils, tendency to attract water and low temperature properties.
High Efficiency: ExxonMobil researchers have selected PAG base oils that provide high levels of energy
efficiency relative to mineral, PAO’s, and other PAG oils. This coupled with an increased thermal
conductivity of about 10% over mineral and PAO oils can lead to lower operating temperatures and longer
component life.

Wide Temperatures: The Mobil Glygoyle Series has very high VI ranging from 170 for the ISO 68 to 285
for the ISO 1000. High VI is indicative of a wide operating temperature range, typically beyond that of
mineral and PAO lubricants.
Rust Protection: PAG lubricants which are designed to be immiscible with hydrocarbon oils, tend to
absorb more water than mineral or PAO oils. Because of the potential for high water-in-oil levels, care
must be taken to prevent the formation of rust on equipment. Mobil Glygoyle Series oils pass major rust
tests such as ASTM D665A, Bethlehem Steel Rust Test Parts A/B, and receives 0,0 ratings in DIN 51802
EMCOR rust test with distilled water. In addition, they show good yellow metal compatibility with a 1B
rating for ASTM D130. Mobil Glygoyle Series is not recommended for use in areas where saltwater
contamination is expected.
Foam Control: Foam control is important, especially in gearboxes that are “Sealed for Life”. Mobil
Glygoyle Series provides excellent results in all three sequences of ASTM D892 Foam Test.
EP/antiwear: Having the right blend of EP/AW protection is important, especially in worm gears that
contain bronze and other yellow metals. Glygoyle Series lubricants show excellent EP/antiwear protection
with typical results of 12+ for DIN 51354-2 FZG scuffing test, very low cage and roller wear for DIN
51819-3 FAG FE8 test, and excellent micropitting protection with a result of ›10-high for the FVA 54
micropitting test (ISO 320).


The Mobil Glygoyle Series is specifically designed for the lubrication of worm gears, especially for heavyduty,
severe service applications, in applications where USDA/NSF H-1 approved lubricants are required
and for many non food-grade applications. Additionally, the product family has also proven to be an
excellent lubricant for many types of industrial gears and anti-friction bearing applications in severe
service conditions. Additionally, their poor miscibility with hydrocarbons makes the lower viscosity grades
especially effective in hydrocarbon gas compression applications, because of the reduced viscosity
dilution that occurs in this application versus hydrocarbon based compressor oils.
The Mobil Glygoyle Series is used for the lubrication of filled for life gearboxes and heavy-duty worm
gears, other industrial gearing in a wide variety of applications, lubrication of plain and rolling contact
bearings, and most types of compressors.

Specific applications include:

  •  Filled for life gearboxes, especially high ratio/low-efficiency worm gears
  •  Worm gear applications such as those used in conveyers, escalators, material handling, press
    drives, packaging machinery, ski lifts, agitators and mixers.
  •  Other gear and bearing applications in the cement, metalworking, plastics, food and textile
    finishing industries.
  •  Gas Compression utilizing reciprocation, rotary, screw, and centrifugal type compressors in
    operating conditions beyond the capabilities of other synthetic lubricants and mineral oils.

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