Mobil Cut 102


Mobil Cut 102Mobil Cut 102

Product Description

MOBILCUT 102 is a soluble cutting fluid suitable as a lubricant and coolant for application in most types of machining and grinding
operations. MOBILCUT 102 oil offers the following features and benefits:

♦ Mobilcut 102 mixes readily with water to form stable emulsions
♦ Good rust preventive and antifoam properties
♦ Suitable for a wide range of metal cutting and grinding operations
♦ Formulated to effectively remove heat from the cutting operation

Primary Applications

MOBILCUT 102 is a premium quality soluble oil primarily used for light and medium duty machining applications where cooling is
of primary importance, where lubricity and rust protection are also required. MOBILCUT 102 is formulated with a highly effective
emulsifier package for outstanding emulsion stability and rust inhibition.
MOBILCUT 102 provide easy emulsification and extra protection against oil-water separation in adverse operating conditions, such
as poor water quality or contamination of the emulsion with dirt or tramp oil.
At concentrations of 1 part oil to 10 to 20 parts water, MOBILCUT 102 can be used for many light and medium duty machining
operations such as milling, turning, boring, or planing with cast iron, malleable iron, carbon, alloy and stainless steels. At
concentrations of 1:30, MOBILCUT 102 may be used for machining plastics, rubber or fibre and at 1:50, for grinding ferrous and
non-ferrous metals. MOBILCUT 102 can also be used as general coolants at dilution ratios of 1:50 or 1:100 where some
lubrication and rust protection is required, as in hydraulic systems where water is the fluid medium.
Diluted as 95:5 water-oil mixtures, they can be used as fire-resistant hydraulic oils. Also, manufactured parts can be cleaned and
protected against rusting by immersing them in an emulsion at 66-82°C, then allowing the parts to dry.
MOBILCUT 102 contains a small concentration of biocide to protect the concentrate from deterioration in storage; it is not intended
to provide long term protection against bacterial growth in finished emulsion systems.
A comprehensive line of petroleum based cutting fluids (Exxcut) as well as semi-synthetic and full synthetic coolants (Exxcool) are
also available from Imperial Oil. Product Data Sheets for these and other products can be obtained from your Esso Representative
or the website.


Soluble oil is prepared for use by mixing with relatively large portions of water. The oil must always be added to the water. Never
add the water to the oil. Usually one part oil is stirred into four parts water. Adding water to this mixture then makes the desired
dilution. Oil should never be added directly to the existing emulsion.

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