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MAK 4T ZIPP 10W-30


SAE Grade: 10W-30


These oils are specially designed keeping in view the high temperature operating conditions encountered in air cooled 4 Stroke 2 Wheeler engines unlike in the case of passenger car engines, which are water cooled. Further these oils possess special frictional properties required ‘for smooth operation of wet clutches used in these vehicles. These oils provide outstanding oxidation and wear protection for extended oil & engine life. Minimize engine deposits due to excellent sludge and varnish control. Being Multigrade oils, these are suitable for use in all seasons.

MAK 4T 10W-30 is specially recommended for vehicles operating at high ambient temperatures and/or severe operating conditions.


  • Latest generation high performance Motorcycles and Scooters.
  • Suitable for earlier models of Motorcycles, Scooters and Auto rickshaws.
  • Recommended for Auto rickshaws operating on dual fuels i.e. Petrol and CNG/LPG.

Performance Benefits

It provides enhanced protection against oxidation and, wear, thereby ensuring smoother performance, cleaner engine and longer engine & oil life.

Performance Level

Exceeds API SL ; JASO MA2

This oil received On-file status from JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation) 4-Cycle Oil Standards Implementation Panel for Gasoline Engine Performance Classification (JASO T 903)



Grade Name K.V. @ 100 ° C, cSt                     VI Flash Point COC, ° C Pour Point, ° C                
MAK 4T ZIPP 10W-30    14.8 113 240 -21



Benefits:o    Ensures quick start and rapid acceleration

o    Smooth clutch performance allows better power to wheels

o    Potential to reduce fuel consumption through oil viscometry

o    Keeps engine components clean from harmful deposits, even at extreme operating conditions

o    Reduced maintenance & operating cost due to excellent wear protection to engine parts & gears


Health and Safety

These oils are not hazardous under normal use conditions. For further guidance appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet can be referred.




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