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ELF MOTO4 MAXI TECH 10W-30 is a lubricant that is particularly recommended for all types of high-performance 4-stroke engine motorcycles, in compliance with the API SJ and JASO MA international standards.
ELF MOTO4 MAXI TECH 10W-30 is fully compatible with lead-free fuel, and does not damage catalytic converters. It helps significantly reduce emissions and fuel consumption. For maintenance, check your motorcycle engine’s requirements regarding viscosity and performance levels, and ensure that you comply with oil change intervals, as detailed in your user guide. ELF MOTO4 MAXI TECH 10W-30 is perfectly suited to driving in urban conditions, as well at high speed over long distances, on motorways, for example.
ELF MOTO4 MAXI TECH 10W-30 is based on leading-edge synthetic technology, for excellent resistance under all loads, irrespective of speed and temperature.
Its specific formula meets HMEOC requirements (High Quality Motorcycle Engine Oil Conception).
This means that ELF MOTO4 MAXI TECH 10W-30 provides:
– significant fuel savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions
– better protection against wear and deposits at high temperatures
– optimum and long-lasting friction control in wet-clutch conditions
– long-lasting properties, even under very severe driving conditions, in addition to the general performance levels required by the JASO MA standard.
This unique multigrade viscosity reduces the environmental footprint (lower fuel consumption, lower pollution and fewer greenhouse gas emissions) of your motorcycle. It also ensures that your engine and gearbox components are lubricated on start-up, meaning that they last longer.


  •  Less fuel, more kilometres: ELF MOTO4
  •  Smooth riding: Fluid and shear-stable viscosity, resulting in optimum performance of your clutch: your motorcycle responds immediately and shifts gears more smoothly.MAXI TECH 10W-30 can generate fuel savings of up to 5% compared with a conventional 10W-40 oil (*). You therefore get more distance and help contribute to safeguarding the environment.
  •  Long-lasting benefits: For even more reliability and easier maintenance, ELF MOTO4 MAXI TECH 10W-30 stays equally fluid between oil changes. It prevents the build-up of varnish and does not lose its high anti-wear/anti-pitting capacity.
Before using the product, the vehicle’s user guide should be checked. Oil changes should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
The product should not be stored at temperatures over 60°C. It should be kept away from sunlight, intense cold and extreme temperature fluctuations.
If possible, the packaging should not be exposed to the elements. Otherwise, the drums should be laid horizontally in order to avoid any contamination from water and to prevent the product’s label from rubbing off.
Based on the toxicological information available, this product should not cause any adverse health effects, provided it is used for its intended purpose and in accordance with the recommendations laid out in the Safety Data Sheet. This can be obtained on request from your local reseller and is available for consultation at
This product should not be used for any purposes other than the ones for which it is intended.
When disposing of the product after use, please protect the environment and comply with local regulations.

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