MAK CH-4 15W40



SAE Grade: 15W-40


It is formulated for lubrication of modern diesel engines meeting latest emission norms (Euro III) and operating under severe conditions to meet stringent emission norms. It is fortified with superior quality high viscosity index improvers and unique anti-wear additives to protect heavily loaded engine parts such as valve train.


It is recommended for use in latest generation Diesel engine vehicles to meet Euro-II and Euro-III emission norms. However, this oil can also be used in vehicles requiring API CG-4 or CF-4 oil.
This oil has been licensed by American Petroleum Institute (API) to market under their “DONUT~ symbol.

Performance Benefits

  • The latest generation dispersants used in this oil helps in handling higher amount of soot and thereby controlling the viscosity increase
  • Ensures excellent protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion
  • Exhibits superior anti-foam characteristics
  • This oil is suitable for use in all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption

Performance Level

  • API CH-4 / SJ
  • ACEA A3-98 / B3-98 / E3-96 Issue 2
  • MB 228.3
 Characteristics IS 1448 Typical Figures
Appearance Clear & Bright
Colour, Visual Observation Brown
Density @15°C, gm/ml P:16 0.8885
K.V at 100° C, cSt P:25 14.20
Copper Corrosion @ 100° C for 3 hrs P:15 1a
Flash Point, (COC), °C P:69 232
Viscosity Index P:56 145
Pour Point, °C P:10 -24
Foaming Tendency / Stability:
Qty. of foam in ml
a) Sequence I
b) Sequence II
c) Sequence III
P:67 Nil / Nil
10 / Nil
Nil / Nil


Health and Safety

This oil is not hazardous under normal conditions of use. For further guidance appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet may be referred.