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ServoLubrex series are straight mineral general- purpose lubricating oil. It is available in many viscosities ranges. These oils are recommended for non-critical all loss lubrication systems. These oils can also be used as fluid sealing medium for gasholder where gas do not react with mineral oils and as filter media in oil bath type air cleaners. Lubrex is recommended for Flushing of Automotive and Industrial lubricants.



Lubrex series are recommended for hand oiling application involving lubrication of bearings, open gears, lightly loaded slides and guide ways of machine tools. Appropriate viscosities are videly used in textile mills for lubrication of looms and other equipments. The characteristics of Lubrex make it possible to easily clean all inaccessible internal surfaces of various equipments and its accessories like pipelines etc.



It has excellent flushing characteristics. It has good lubricity properties to take care of a specific lubrication requirement.



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